Additional Information

Dear Rock´n´Roll family!

I am giving you some additional information around our competition in Graz.

Today some new regulations come into effect and we are continuously updating our system and our Covid-prevention concept.

The final concept will be only available about a week before the competition.

Since yesterday the number of spectators is more clear and we started with the selling of tickets.

Here some important information:

We have to keep athletes and spectators very strictly from each other.

We are very limited with the number of tickets on the tribune - so please make your reservation as soon as possible.

Only tickets paid by bank transfer will be reserved or on your request sent to you per registered letter.

Knowing the issue that quite a number of athletes will compete only on one day of our event and will probably stay the full weekend we are offering the following solution:

  • One training hall is prepared for a free livestream. All athletes that want to watch the competition online together can do this at the sport center. Covid-restrictions are the same as for all athletes. No access to the tribune and the competition hall.
  • We are reserving 100 tickets per day for athletes who want to watch the competition on the tribune. These tickets we are offering at significantly lower prices. Kids from 6 to 14 € 10,-- and older athletes € 15,--. You can buy the tickets on the here: To enter the sportcenter with these tickets you need a passport or ID-card.
  • When all athlete-tickets are sold out you can buy regular tickets if still available.

All trainers have to be announced on the WRRC-registration system.

Other or additional trainers can buy backstage tickets at the registration desk for € 10,-- per day (correction to the invitation letter). These tickets give access to the training halls and the competition hall.

Registration: On Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm we are opening the registration office at the competition hall as well as from 8.00 to 10.00 on Saturday and Sunday. If possible only one person per country or club shall come to avoid crowding. Please be aware that from this year € 10,-- starting fee is obligatory also for Championships.

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to me - I will do my very best 😉!

KR Roman