All information gathered in this and other documents are based on actual research on official
platforms in the internet valid 4 th October 2021.

How can I enter the competition?
The 3G-rule is valid for visitors as well as for competitors.

What are the age-rules for kids?
Kids until 12 do not have to be tested.

Where can I be tested?
At the competition hall will be a test station for Antigen-tests for a fee of € 5,--.

Where can I do a PCR-test?
See the list below.

What are the actual rules to enter Austria?
In the document COVID-19 travel eng you can find all information.

What are the actual rules when I am travelling back to my country?
In the document COVID-19 travel eng you can find all information.
Please check on the official websites of your country if the information available in Austria are
valid and complete.

Is it mandatory to wear a FFP2-mask at the competition?
No! It is not required to wear a mask during the competition, but we are recommending
wearing a FFP2-mask to protect yourself.
Outside of the competition area where COVID-tests are performed it is mandatory to wear a

Proof of low epidemiological risk

Access to the event is only possible with the proof of a low epidemiological risk within the meaning of the currently valid Austrian COVID-19 regulation.

All spectators and participants have to show

  • an antigen test (maximum 24 hours old) or
  • a PCR test (maximum 72 hours old) or
  • a second vaccination with an approved vaccine:
    • Comirnaty / BioNTech,
    • Spikevax / Moderna,
    • Vaxzevria / AstraZeneca / Covishield,
    • Janssen / Johnson & Johnson,
    • Sinopharm,
    • Sinovac,
  • where the second vaccination may be a maximum of 360 days ago and at least 14 days must have elapsed between the first and second vaccination or
  • a vaccination with Janssen / Johnson & Johnson, whereby at least 22 days and a maximum of 270 days must have elapsed since the vaccination or
  • Vaccination with an approved vaccine, provided a positive PCR test was available at least 21 days prior to vaccination or proof of neutralizing antibodies prior to vaccination, whereby the vaccination must not be more than 360 days ago or
  • proof of recovery from Covid-19 (maximum 180 days old) or
  • proof of neutralizing antibodies (no more than 90 days old) or
  • a separation notice from the Austrian authorities (maximum 180 days old).

The proof of low epidemiological risk must be valid until the end of the respective event day.

A Covid-19 test station will be set up on site.

Collection of contact data

Before entering the event space, spectators and athletes / supervisors must provide their contact details (name, telephone number, email address).The purpose of this data collection is to identify contact persons to prevent the (further) spread of COVID-19 after the occurrence of a (suspected) case.

The data collected will only be transmitted to the responsible authorities. This on request and in accordance with Section 5 (3) of the 1950 Epidemic Act.

The data collected are stored for a period of 28 days and then destroyed.

Entry regulations for Austria

Please note the currently valid entry regulations for Austria:


Where can you get tested?

Generally it is obligatory to wear FFP-masks at all test stations and a passport or ID-card is required.
In most of the mentioned test areas it is necessary or expected that you are pre registered to avoid any delays.

Tests at competition hall

Where: Schloßstraße 20, 8020 Graz
When: Antigen Saturday 09.10.2021, 07.30 to 14.00 Uhr
Antigen Sunday 10.10.2021, 07.00 to 12.00 Uhr
PCR – Saturday 09.10.2021, 11.00 to 14.00 – in case of a significant number of pre reservation
Kind of test: Antigen with certificate, PCR - in case of a significant number of pre reservation
Cost: Antigen € 5,--
PCR € 80,--

Teststation Graz Jakomini

Where: Jakominigürtel 23, 8010 Graz
When: Monday to Saturday, 08.00 to 18.00
Kind of test: Antigen with certificate, PCR
Cost: Antigen: free
PCR: free
Info: You have to provide a residence address during your stay in Austria (e.g. hotel)


Where: Jakominiplatz 24, 8010 Graz
When: Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 20.00
Saturday, 09.10.2021, 08.00 to 17.00
Sunday, 10.10.2021, 09.00 to 15.00
Kind of test: Antigen with certificate, PCR
Cost: Antigen: € 29,--
PCR: € 70,--Info:
Registration mandatory

Covid-Teststation am Flughafen Graz

Where: Flughafen Graz, 8073 Feldkirchen / Graz
When: Saturday, 09.10.2021, 05.00 to 11.15, 13.00 to 15.30
Sunday, 10.10.2021, 05.00 to 12.00, 13.00 to 15.30, 19.30 to 21.30
Kind of test: Antigen with certificate, PCR
Cost: Antigen: € 33,--
PCR: € 104,--
Info: https://www.flughafen-graz.at/news/fhg/neue-covid-teststation-am-flughafen-graz.html

Covid-Teststation am Flughafen Wien

Where: Flughafen Wien, Schwechat
When: Montag bis Sonntag 07.00 bis 18.30
Kind of test: Antigen with certificate, PCR
Cost: Antigen: Adult € 25,--, Kids up to 18 € 15,--
PCR: Adult € 69,--, Kids up to 18 € 49,--
Info: https://www.viennaairport.com/coronatest